Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Alternative Blooms

It is the twelfth, but not last, Bloom Day (the comments in that link get you to other Bloom Day posters) hosted by Carol, over at May Dreams Gardens. The idea is to capture any blooms we can find, even in these unbloom-time months (for some of us).

I wasn't successful at finding blooms, but I have been enjoying the texture in the garden from these dried blooms. Anise hyssop, above. The tallest part being about 6 foot. I suspect I'll have seedlings all over the garden this year. There could be worse things!
And Bee Balm / Monarda. I would have zoomed in more, but I liked the lines created by others stalks in the background. Click on the "Bloom Day" label to see postings from prior months. I see I should have some blooms in the yard by February!


Frances said...

My first visit to your garden, thanks for posting. It has been so enjoyable seeing so many new, to me, other people's posts. I am blown away by the thought of a six foot anise hyssop, I can barely get them to grow at all. Do you know what their favorite conditions are?

Carol said...

Isn't it nice now to have a year's worth of bloom day posts to go back and refer to? I like your seed heads post, perfect for January, and hopefully the birds are enjoying them, too.

Happy weeding of those seedlings this spring,
Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Greg W said...

What great winter interest! I love it when a plant can give more than their usual flowering period.

These are perfect choices for Bloom Day photos.

I may have to plant some of these myself.

Thank-you for posting them.

Greg W

kate said...

I love seeing seedheads and plant stalks. They are beautiful in their own right.