Thursday, December 27, 2007


Can't stay long. Back to work now. So. Tired. Must go deal with the mail... And put my feet up... A cup of hot something would be nice ... See you tomorrow.
P.S. Any cool summer cucumber suggestions? The lemon cucumbers didn't do much for me. I do have seeds left so may try it again if I don't find a replacement.


Carol said...

No suggestions on the cucumbers. I just plant bush cucumbers, some regular size and some pickling size. I also got my Territorial Seed Catalog yesterday, along with a few others. Definitely a good idea to put my feet up, fix a steaming cup of hot cocoa and start dreaming of the summer vegetable garden!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Red said...

We like burplus, but dont know if they would do well there - they seem to like heat. It seems like when it rains alot they are bitter.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Carol & Red,
Thanks for visiting and understanding the garden dreams. Red, I hadn't thought about the rain changing the flavor. Bet it does, though. Maybe I should try them in the cloche. Warmer and dryer.

Matron said...

I agree about the small yellow cues ..lemon? They did better under glass than outdoor, but didn't crop as well. I grew a variety of outdoor cues this year, not very good. I find the long green salad cucumbers like burpless tasty? all female F1 hybrids do much better under glass. I wouldn't grow them outdoors again. Only 2 plants under cover crop continuously all season.

Christina said...

Armenian Cucumbers (not really a cucumber, but just as good, if not better). They're lovely, long, productive, and don't need to be peeled. You can pickle them, eat them fresh, or do anything else one might want to do with a cucumber with them. And, they're absolutely delicious.