Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Garden II

Well, now I have failed fudge. I just realized I left out the vanilla, and it also doesn't have quite the right consistency. I've made this recipe before, but not on this stove top. Either too much or too little heat or cooking time. Or does the vanilla help smooth it out?

So I'm back to posting another Christmas Memory Garden photo. I started to call it Santa Garden yesterday, but I don't really have many Santas. Now, however, I'm seeing that my childhood memories are full of Santas. These Santa mugs are from my parent's collection, probably originally from the 1950's. We had a set of windows with large wooden dividers. The mugs sat in those windows every Christmas. It is a wonder they didn't get broken. I remember playing with them when I got a chance. "L's" cheeks are a little frost bitten, rather than just rosy. I've not found a backup/replacement, though.

Now that I think about it, I'll ask my mom about these. Other items I have were my grandmother's, but I think these started out with my mom.

Happy Chistmas Memory Gardening, to you! And I'm going to have another go at fudge. Maybe the peanut butter fudge this time...

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