Sunday, December 09, 2007

Alternative Mistletoe

In our last house, Opus was a permanent fixture on one of the lights. When we moved a few years ago, somehow he was misplaced (just like Opus for this to happen to him, too). Finally, I found him today! It may be the only decorating we need to do this year.

We have a number of Bill the Cat / Opus ornaments from over the years. We haven't found one offered this year. It may be at the end of an era, or at least a creative license! While we resist most collectibles, Bloom County has been a favorite going way back when. Being the first to remember to look for Opus very early in the Christmas season was an annual challenge for each of us.

Mistletoe doesn't grow here like it did where we lived in Alabama. This Opus has been our answer to that problem.


Paula said...

Too cute!! Have you been caught underneath, yet?

Sheila said...

I liked that comic strip too. Having cats myself I identified with it..!
Glad you found Opus..!

Libbys Blog said...

I have never heard of 'Opus'. I shall have to have a look for it. I love the pic of your cat lying on the heater vent, they definately know the best places!!!

Matron said...

Real mistletoe here in London is so expensive! People make such a profit from selling tiny sprigs in overpackaged boxes. It's freezing here!