Saturday, November 24, 2007

Squash of Many Lives

This small ornamental squash/pumpkin grew in the garden in 2006 (see a sibling here), from one I composted in the garden in 2005. He decorated the porch in 2007, but started getting squishy so I sat him out in the garden for composting. Well, there he sat Thanksgiving morning, just sparkling with frost. I couldn't capture the sparkles, but you can see his frosty glow in the morning light.

I did plant seeds from another one left over from last year. ... planted them next to the zucchini. I think they must have crossed with the zucchini or the delicata squash, because the fruit ended up long, not pumpkin shaped at all. It also got a late start so the frost finished it up before it made it past the green stage. Don't you just love surprises in the garden?

I've never found that this this an eating variety. The only time I ever see this type is in stores in the fall labeled "ornamental."

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Connie said...

Your frosty pumpkin/squash is very cute! It has had a long useful life...may it compost in peace. :-)