Monday, November 26, 2007

November Garden

November, in Petunia's Garden. I've left any flower and herb seed heads standing for now. I think the birds will eat some of the coneflower and black eyed susan seeds. The green and yellow blur about in the middle of the photo above is a remaining broccoli in bloom. I left it standing as the bees enjoyed it, but I think they are long gone for the winter now. Not sure if it is getting other visitors or not. You can also see blooming broccoli in this July post.
Dear Husband mowed up the fallen leaves with the grass catcher on the mower. Then he dumped the chopped up leaves in the wire cages he improvised, at the top of the picture. Once I had the beds ready for them, I spread the leaves throughout the 6 garden beds & the herb area.

Those Brussels sprouts seem to be on hold right now. The plants look good enough, but the sprouts are still quite small.

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Matron said...

We ate the 'Delicata' squash last Thursday, it was wonderful! very dry and sweet, almost like a sweet potato. I have saved the seed so will definitely be growing them next year. Did I remember you saying that this was a variety that you could toast and eat the seeds as well?

Petunia's Gardener said...

Glad you enjoyed it. I think it was the various pumpkin types we discussed roasted seeds. I have saved & cleaned the seeds from the pumpkin I cooked. I think they have a harder shell than the Snackjacks so we haven't tried roasting them yet. I'll have more seeds for anyone who wants them this way.