Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Baby Sprouts

Some of the sprouts are leaning to the west (to catch those last rays of sun, I guess). As I propped one up during my quick garden inspection today, I noticed the baby sprouts! (Ok, look closely.) Good thing, too, as I just found a Brussels sprout recipe I'd like to try. How much longer to harvest?


Sheila said...

I love sprouts. I found a great and easy recipe too last year. Prepare sprouts and cut in half if they are large.Parboil for 3 minutes. Place in shallow roasting pan, and sprinke with olive oil and a little balsamic vinegar, and sea salt.
Roast uncovered at 350 for half an hour. Delicious.
My mother always said sprouts shouldn't be picked until they've had the frost on them, so yours are late for the season..?

ChrisJ said...

I tried to leave you a comment yesterday but blogger just wouldn't work properly for me. It also took me about three hours to do an ordinary sized post! I think I've fixed it now.

I'm not big on vegetables, although I know I should be. I like all kinds of squash, asparagus, artichokes and leeks, but, sorry, Brussels sprout are just not for me -- though your photos are great.

Molly said...

Okay, I am suitably impressed. I set my brussel sprout plants out in May and my sprouts aren't all that much bigger than yours.

Lucky-1 said...

When I grew my sprouts a few years back, I was told as the sprouts form, remover those leaves on the stem.

Mine didn't grow very big and I ended up feeding the how plant to the chooks and rabbits.

Good luck.

For size picking, go on gut feeling and the sizes you see them at the shops.