Monday, November 05, 2007

Autumn Leaf Harvest

We've had many nice webs in the tall grass (/weeds) we've let grow all summer, but this web on the fence was they only one I managed to capture this year.

Saturday, DH did the second round of mowing up leaves around the yard. Normally, he doesn't use the catcher on the mower, but he does for the leaves. Then he has been dumping them in a temporary compost spot. Gradually, I'm putting them on the garden beds. It is amazing how quickly the collection has started to compost. You can feel the heat coming off of it.

Some trees have lost all leaves now, but others haven't. Maybe one more round with the mower to collect and then we'll leave the rest where they fall.

We both survived the Supermall event and even got a little shopping done. It wasn't so holiday focused which made it less festive, but also kept it from feeling like everything was starting so early.


ChrisJ said...

Really a nice spider's web! I like the web, but don't like the spiders. I found another of those really big ones yesterday. I will post him one day this week. Ugh!!

mrsnesbitt said...

I don't mind spiders at all, the webs I find fascinating. My SIL hates spiders, they terrify her.

lottie said...

That is the most spectacular 'real' cobweb - a true beauty

I have taken photos of little frosted treasures - but never one that large.

Lucky-1 said...

Spiders are such amazing little things. Great photo.

I have/had a spider I would see each night, when I shut my ducks away, last few nights it's not been there. I wonder if it has died???

Connie said...

Beautiful web! They can be hard to photograph, but you captured it very well.

Sylvana said...

I found a web like this in my garden about a month ago and tried to take a picture. I ended up having to backdrop with a black garbage bag.
You did a fantastic job capturing yours -- and no garbage bag to be found!

Matron said...

What a wonderful photo!