Friday, October 05, 2007

Sunny Excursion

Yes, I've been away. What I didn't take a photo of, though, was the 650 fellow tax folks I spent most of my time with in Indian Wells, California. I did want to post these sunny photos to contrast with the view out my window here at home and to remember to go back to this place some day.
By the time I tried to make reservations, the huge conference hotel was full so I ended up at the Miramonte across the street. It has around 250 rooms located in a number of buildings across the property. There are walkways and gardens between the buildings. A nice spa too, but no time for that (where were my priorities, I'm sure you are wondering).
It also had many sitting areas throughout. I did get in a little sitting to absorb some warmth prior to the beginning of the conference. It wasn't all tax talk though. There is always a chance to work in vegetables and gardening and it wasn't long before I had shared my blog address!


Paula said...

I thought the agreement was to bring back some of this sunshine!! What a beautiful, relaxing spot. With weather like this, you probably didn't mind staying across the street!

Melanie Rimmer said...

I've never been anywhere like that. I'm not widely travelled - I've only been out of the UK to visit Paris and Ireland, both have pretty much the same climate as home.

It doesn't look real to me. It looks like a movie lot. Might as well be Mars (mind you, I get the same feeling about London).