Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sunny Excursion Part II

Melanie (visit her at Bean Sprouts) commented on how unreal those photos from the last post looked. Melanie, I'm there with you. I look out my home window to see 100 shades of green, shinny from the misty rain. An airport with open air "hallways"? Palm Springs / Indian Wells did feel a little like Mars. Then my colleague suggested we take the Aerial Tramway before our conference started and I saw how much the climate could change in only a 10 minute tram ride. Course, it helps when the tram goes from a 2,643 foot elevation to 8,516 feet! From the desert valley to the cool crisp air scented with mountain trees and shrubs of the San Jacinto Mountains.
Once there, visitors can head off on extensive hiking excursions or, with limited time like us, a short loop trail and a break from the heat below. The Pacific Crest Trail goes though the area here somewhere. This trail runs 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada, through CA, OR and WA. That would have been the long & hard way to get home.
The light colored stone outcroppings (granite I think) were everywhere. They were noticeable because of the consistent color of the stones. The photo captured the blue sky. Too bad I couldn't bring back some of the woodland aroma to go with it.


Katie said...

Hey I've been there! The Aerial Tramway in Palm Springs is a MUST for all visitors. I didn't get any pictures because I didn't have my camera, but being terrified of heights made it hard to enjoy the ride anyway.

Thankfully the Ottmar Liebert music in the tram made it bearable and relaxing enough to enjoy the tremendously BEAUTIFUL and striking view.

Thanks for sharing pictures!

A wildlife gardener said...

Sounds great...what a ride!

Kylee said...

Any caches up there? :-)

Too bad about the TB. I had it on my watch list. I was hoping it would make its way to my garden. :-(

My Pooh TB has been MIA for a very long time now. I just hope it's a little child that's having fun playing with it and not sitting in the bottom of someone's caching bag.