Monday, October 29, 2007

Progressive Sprouts

You have to admit, Brussels sprouts are a nice touch in the garden this time of year. Can't beat the name either: Bubbles! This is the first time to grow them and I don't really know how much I'll like them. I suspect, though, they'll be quite appealing in December & January. The plants in this group are actually about two feet apart, but they are filling that space fast. The leaves are getting munched on by something, but so far, I think there is enough to share.

The seedlings got their start back in August.


Matron said...

I've never been brave enough to grow brussels sprouts. It is such a struggle to keep any brassica away from the pests. I have to make do with freshly dug parsnips and leeks for my Christmas dinner!

Ilona said...

They look so lush! I really enjoy eating brussels sprouts, but not everyone shares that taste ( especially in my house).

I really liked your cloche, too... wish I could construct one of those.

Connie said...

Your brussels sprouts look very healthy....hope you enjoy the finished product!