Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Delicata Harvest

The squirrels can be seen stashing away anything they can carry (I'm starting to think it will be a cold winter). Guess I am too. The freezer is full of summer harvests, now I have delicata squash and pumpkins in the garage.

This is my first year to grow delicata squash. It's said to have a sweet nutty flavor with hints of brown sugar and butter. Can't beat that in a squash! It also was quite a happy grower. I only have cooked one and that was an early one that broke off the plant. I think it wasn't quite ready to be eaten, though. I'll report back on these soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hi...will try that squash...sounds delicious. But off subject, how do I give away free 40 plus Hydranga mop heads to someone who needs tham for wreaths. Will wait for your suggestions before posting any place else. dan99