Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunflowers for Rainy Days

This sunflower seems to be the star of dark and gray days. This photo is from a dark day at the end of August. The sun would break through for a moment and make these flowers glow. Today, we didn't have any sun breaks in the misty day, but I could see the blossoms on this plant from the garage window and it called me out to visit.

I thought this was an Italian White Sunflower from seeds I ordered this year. See the Italian White from last year's garden here. Now I'm thinking it may be Valentine, also ordered this year. This one has grown to about 7 feet tall, but unlike the other sunflowers, it has these graceful stalks that hold up the 4-6 inch flowers very nicely. More for cut flowers than seeds, I think, but I will check for seed production in the older flower heads next time I'm out there.


Anita said...

Wow, the pumpkin on the below picture looks great! But it was non of my seeds, wasn't it? It looks much better than the ones I have! ;-))) Congratulations!

Best wishes, Anita

Allotment Lady said...

I just adore sunflowers all the varieties are so interesting.

I love the Autumn mists and mellow ness.

It is so quiet in the mornings when I let the chickens out and a tad bit eery sometimes as the mist swirls around.

There's that sharp nip in the air too - just to remind us summer is over.

RUTH said...

I love the colour of these and what a beautiful photo against the dark skies.

ChrisJ said...

That really is a sunny sunflower. What a day brightener! Such a beautiful fresh color.

And Petunia really is a garter snake. We lived with one in our garage for a few years when our boys were teenagers -- and fed it with live frogs from a nearby pond. Yuck!

Kim said...

Such a lovely photo. Thanks for sharing.