Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Mole's Garden Tour

Dear Husband led us and our neighbors off on a geocaching hunt yesterday. Either a few miles or more miles depending on which side of this tunnel we started on. We started on the side furthest from the geocaches, of course, so we walked this tunnel twice. This is Snoqualmie Tunnel, opened in 1914 for train traffic under Snoqualmie Pass. Now, it is the nation's longest tunnel open to nonmotorized traffic. It's 2.3 miles long. Below, you can see the light from the other end & see DH if you look carefully. The metal piping & overhead fencing was only in this section close to the entrance (maybe because you couldn't SEE the overhead old concrete in the dark inner tunnel ...he he he; but I suspect this part was subject to more seeping water damage).
Yep.... there is the other end, below. We're still on the right track....
There was a small geocache inside the tunnel and we did remember our flashlights. As a former train track bed, the trail grade changes gradually so it is nice for walking or biking (we were walking). Altogether, the trail is over 100 miles and is called the John Wayne Pioneer Trail.
Now off to a few other caches further down the trail, before the return trip through the tunnel.

Stop by tomorrow for the above ground garden part of the geocaching trip (i.e. garden tours by GPS). It was fun having the neighbors along on the excursion (and bet they'll remember to add 5 miles to any future walking estimates we give)!

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Dirty Fingernails said...

AHHHHH good old Snoqualmie Pass. I have driven over that several occasions. But I remember the winterstorm of 1992 when I drove over it.. I thought I would never get to Ellensburg safely... Scarey!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember walking thru that tunnel on a bike trip from Rattlesnake Lake to Easton and back. What a spooky place - I loved it! I remember it being so dark in the middle, and with that curve, I couldn't see either end. Walking along in blind faith like that, literally, was something of a thrill.

Glad to see your photos, as I didn't get a chance to take any.

Bob said...

I have been wanting to do this trek. Thanks for showing it. I'll have to do it next summer. It looks like fun and something different.
All the best, BOB