Thursday, August 30, 2007


Snakes Petunia and Herbert are back in the garden! What's not to celebrate with these critters. They don't eat the vegetables and do eat their share of bugs and slugs, I hope.

Ok, maybe it isn't the exact same ones. Petunia is always too fast to see but Herbert takes his time and I did see his nice red stripe. These two I just saw are larger than Petunia II who I relocated to the garden several weeks ago.


RUTH said...

Good news..wish I had slug eating snakes in my you think any of yours would like a little holiday in Britain...LOL

Paula said...

Hmmm...wonder what the goats would think of Petunia and Herbert. I'm sure we'd both hear about it if they ever met!! Great seed book!

ChrisJ said...

The only snakes we have had in our garden are rattle snakes! But we do have lizards. Saw a big fat one about three weeks ago, maybe 18" long including tail. Now I'm seeing several little ones about 2 and 1/2 inches long. Hmmm. Think the first one was Momma?

A wildlife gardener said...

That's very good news! I hope they've come to stay and gobble up garden pests.

I liked your story about your cutlery from your family and the 'new' set you purchased on ebay...very sweet.

Your pumpkins are enormous, and your colourful sunflower is amazing.

I wondered since you are mainly a vegetable grower if you'd be interested in reading this blog.

Rebsie Fairholm is a grower of heritage vegetables, as well as being a singer and composer of folk songs.

Matron said...

I share your excitement with beneficial animals in the garden! It really does make a difference when you allow and encourage those critters into the garden. I've just photographed a beautiful stag beetle on my patch. I've also seen lots of frogs too. At the moment my biggest pest is a furry, four-legged canine... but I love him!

Matron said...

I only just had a close-up look at your photo... that's not you, is it!!

Mu said...

I'm with you on snakes being most welcome to the garden. I was delighted to see them here at our new place. Only downside is the cats seem to think they are great playthings, and a few babies weren't rescued in time. The bigger ones seem to manage to escape or hold on until we can rescue them. There's small grey-brown lizards here too that eat the slugs and bugs. Few have their tails left though. Cats again.

The old seed catalog is fabulous! What a fun find.

Petunia's Gardener said...

More sightings in the bean climber area. That is a nice cozy spot for a snake, but a bit of a startle when pawing around for hiding beans.