Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Secret to.... ahhh, Heck!

We've been caught! Those wonderful Mess o' Trout warming the tomatoes here and here?? Weellll... they are actually warming the NEIGHBOR'S tomatoes! Cool summer (after last year), not many ripe tomatoes, neighbors on a trip... guess a NW gardener has to resort to other fun antics. Now they suggest leaving them on to see if it really works.

Remember, these fish have been around before... click on this post to see what we found after returning from Christmas dinner. And the rest of the story in this post.

Maybe we should have just decorated our own tomatoes. Now the neighborhood has to watch to see where the trout show up again. Or maybe we'll soon have some ripe tomatoes and move on to zucchini flings. Welcome home, Neighbors! Glad you had a nice trip.


Connie said...

It's okay to have fun...and you have entertained us, as well

Paula said...

Yes, you have entertained us. Especially your neighbors (he,he)!! We really did enjoy seeing those little critters hanging on our tomatoes. Thanks for being such fun neighbors. :)

Bob said...

Maybe some of those trout can not only warm up those tomatoes, but catch a few mosquitos, and a horn worm or two ;) Got a smile when seeing them on the plant. Its really been a cool summer up here for us NW gardeners.
Hope you get a good crop. BOB

John said...

Cool cloudy summer for sure. At least we're not have to water as much. But I think I'm going to need steal a few street lights if I'm gonna get some of my tomatoes ripe.