Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cucumbers and Squash

Tasty lemon cucumbers. I understood cucumbers wouldn't grow as well here as they did in Alabama, so I settled for zucchini in the salads. Let me say this: Not the Same! So, I'm happy to find these perfectly sized cucumbers that will produce here in the NW.
Above, the cucumbers growing up the old gate. These vines aren't very long so this gate seems about right for a little vertical growing. On the next row behind them in the in the photo are Delicata squash plants (bush variety). First time to grow these too.
The Delicata squash will develop more distinct green strips as they mature (I think). Looking forward to the: "sweet nutty flavor with hints of brown sugar and butter"!


Matron said...

I am growing the Lemon cucumbers in my garden here in London,England. I brought the seed back from my Sister's garden in Mississippi. They seem to do just fine here, indoors or out.

Bob said...

Petunia, At the nursery I buy for I bring in lemon cucumber starts. I have never grown them. What is their flavor like. All your veggies look so healthy. You do a great job, especially considering how our Northwest climate does make it a little more challeging for
many veggies.
As far as the a annual vine to go with your beans, maybe thunbergia or cypress vine.
All the best, BOB

Connie said...

I have grown lemon cukes for many years....I like the fact that when the other cukes are giving up, they are still producing.

meresy_g said...

I grew lemon cukes for the first time this year. I love them, and they truly do well on a trellis. They just keep producing!

Susan T. said...

I found you blog through Talj's and have really enjoyed reading it.
Wish I could get those cucumbers over here in England, they look so healthy and robust.
Mine usually give me a few fruits early in the season, but then give up!
Hope you dont mind me joining in on your blog.
Best Wishes