Sunday, July 08, 2007

Snap Peas Blues

Do your peas hide well?
Do they puff up in their shell?
Do they grow to be great big?
Can you ring them like a bell?
Can you search for ‘em every day
Yet find gigantic ones this way?
Do your peas hide well?

Spent the morning blanching and freezing young peas and broccoli. I also picked every last giant pea pod that has been hiding out, in hopes of continuing the harvest of new peas a little longer. Some of the vines are starting to show signs of the warming summer, but others are still flowering.

Next came more beet harvest. Cooked & pickled some for the week. Added the young greens to the salad and prepared the medium sized greens for cooking tomorrow night. The largest and slightly yellowing leaves went to the compost.

Finally, rhubarb! I was starting to have second thoughts about it. How could I tell if it was ready? I understand it doesn't all turn red as a signal. Would it need so much sweetening that it wasn't worth messing with? Would it be too tough? But, I already had strawberries so next came the strawberry rhubarb cobbler. Not bad at all! I'll be having some more here soon.

It actually reminds me of the tart cherry sauce I was hooked on last year. See the post about it here. Since there are only a few cherries this year, I wonder how rhubarb might substitute? (I have more cherry liqueur from Germany now too!)

So now my question is long can I keep harvesting it?


RUTH said...

I always think the younger stalks are the best but I'm no expert on Rhubarb.
I've given you a Thinking Bloggers Award on There are a million stories

Paula said...

I was going to comment a your cute little poem. However, after reading Ruth's comment, I can also congratulate you on your award!! Way to go. :)

talj said...

Oooh Peas, I love them!! Congrats on your award too :o)

Anita said...

I already harvested all my sugar peas, they tasted delicious!

The next harvest from my kitchen garden will be carrots. And today, I harvested my first self-grown garlic....

But unfortunately, our weather is still too cold and rainy for the season, the garden just needs some warmer days and I am sure eveything will grow enormously!

Happy gardening!


P.S.: How are my seeds in your garden doing? Give my best regards to them! ;-))

Christa said...

Congratulations on your pea harvest. They look wonderful! I enjoyed reading the poem.