Monday, July 30, 2007

Sand Point Blue

A damp day yesterday gave us an excuse to head out on a geocaching excursion (remember, my definition of geocaching is garden tours by GPS). We went to Sand Point / Magnuson Park in Seattle. It is the site of a former Navy base on Lake Washington and now a 300+ acre park / recreation / community space area.... with gardens too. Above, is just one spot of gardening. You'll see more later this week. That's cherry tomatoes and something else growing in Nutmeg, the boat. See this post if you want to know more about geocaching. Any idea what this blue stemmed plant is called? ... thanks to visitor ErnieSue, now we know this is Blue Sea Holly!
This painted section is the harbor masters office. On the other side of this building is a dock and a small sailboat program. On a sunny day, there would be lots of people down here, but yesterday, there were only a few sailing, fishing or walking around (or geocaching).

Only 25 miles from home, but we could have been thousands of miles away. Now that's a relaxing vacation!


ErnieSue said...

Blue Sea Holly! Love your blog.

RUTH said...

I love the boat garden. How lovely to have somewhere so close to home to visit. I like the painted yacht scene on the doors.