Monday, July 23, 2007

Garden Residents

Doesn't this spider look like a bean seed with legs?
Just a month ago, I was concerned about something eating the beans. Remember this post, and this coffee'd bean post? Looks like they survived. They are blooming now too. Tomorrow, they'll top the climbing structure.

The garden may be in serious trouble now, though. Tonight, I startled a very small rabbit in the grass. Emily dived after it, it went in the broccoli and I grabbed Emily. If he doesn't get greedy, or if he stays out of Emily's garden, he might have a right cushy life. I suspect it won't be that easy though, nor will he know when to stop eating. I am happy to share the broccoli at this point. As Petunia and friends seem to have moved to the pumpkin patch, the garden needs a new resident critter. I would prefer one Emily won't eat, though.


teresa said...

i love how your gnome is staring at the pea spider as if he is getting ready to launch a surprise attack. it must be hard having to share your beautiful veggie garden with hungry residents! hope you resolve your problem.

Scarecrow said...

I hope that rabbit doesn't eat too much of your lovely garden and that he doesn't bring lots of friends along!

The beans are looking great!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Your beans are looking much better than mine. Mine have mostly been eaten by slugs.

Hopefully that wabbit won't do too much damage in your garden but I like your live and let live attitude!

RUTH said...

Oh that spider does look like a strange one. Glad the beans are doing well now; they're certainly reaching for the sky now. Hope Emily has scared the rabbit enough to keep rabbit and broccoli safe.
Happy Gardening :o)

kate said...

Emily looks as if she'll guard her garden well ... perhaps the rabbit will have found a different food source and won't return to your garden.

I like your gnome!

LostRoses said...

That spider gives me the heebie-jeebies but I love the gnome giving it the evil eye. I'm catching up on your posts and I have to say your garden is looking good!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I finally made it back to your
beautiful blog. This is Suzanne who
wrote you back a few months ago from Maui. We made our move to Portland on June 12 and I was run
over by an SUV Jne 14 while out for
a jog. I spent most of June in the
hospital and then stayed with my
folks, we are buying their house
with my Mother's garden. Today we
finished unloading our container.
It looks like I will have to wait
for next year to get to the garden
as my injuries prevent much movement. In the meantime I will
enjoy your blog and garden vicarously with you and your friends.

Suzanne Tucker

Petunia's Gardener said...

Thanks, everyone, for joining me and the others in the garden. The spiders haven't bothered me much. I did get buzzed by one of the bees tonight, but no sting (I'd have forgiven him anyway). No more signs of the rabbit. Hopefully he found the tall grass.

Suzanne, I have been wondering about you and your move to Portland. Now I know, but WOW, what a trip. So sorry to hear about the accident. How cool to be carrying on in your parent's house & garden! This gives you something to enjoy while you heal. Keep in touch & heal well!