Friday, July 20, 2007

Ms. Anita's Calendula

I have a little of Anita's outstanding Country Cottage Garden now blooming in Petunia's Garden! I won Anita's Easter Drawing and soon had a generous collection of seeds in my mail box. It's been a whirlwind of a year, but I did plant them and now seeing some blooms. The dill Anita advised to plant near these calendula is also growing. Pumpkins and morning glories too. I think the morning glories have been waiting for warm weather but finally decided to start climbing a little. I love calendula and hope these will find their way throughout the garden in the future seasons.

If you haven't visited Anita's garden, you have to go now! It is beautiful and so many wonderful ideas she shares with us. I bet her neighbors take the route by her house just to enjoy the gardens. Thanks, Anita, for sending these treasures to me!


Connie said...

That is a stunning looking Calendula! Love the mix of colors in it.

RUTH said...

That's a lovely Calendula. I've no doubt it will seed and give you pleasure for years to come. My Morning Glories have taken their time to really take off. No doubt due to the poor Summer we are having her thi year; luckily those that the snails didn't eat arefinally growing well now.

Anita said...

Oh Paula, how seed of you! ;-))) It was a pleasure to share my seeds with you!

That calendula is wonderful - and don't forget to cut the flowers when the boom is over - for new 2008 seeds.... ;-))

After the very hot days we had last week, it finally rained yesterday night - so no watering round tonight!

Have a wonderful Sunday and happy gardening!

Best wishes from Germany,

teresa said...

this looks like its on FIRE!

Paula said...

Oh my, what a beautiful photo. The colors are breathtaking. Such a wonderful composition! Hey, neighbor (he, he)...when the flower seeds, maybe some of them should travel east. :)