Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Beet Treats

When I returned on Sunday, I noticed some beets pushing themselves out of the ground. This must mean they are ready to eat so I pulled one tonight. Ummm... tastes like they are ready to eat too!

I have a few more that look ready and then some that are not quite as far along. As DH doesn't think he likes them, and Nikko only wants them if they are fish flavored (see THIS post about this comment), harvesting about one every few nights should be just fine.

You can see them on April 22 here. This is my first time to grow beets.


Anita said...

Hi Paula!

Hope you are doing fine. Oh yes, meals with own veggies are the best! We had delicious sugar peas on Sunday (my first ones).

How are your German seeds doing? ;-))))

Best wishes, Anita

RUTH said...

Oh I love fresh homegrown beetroot.

Molly said...

Very nice! DH doesn't know what he's missing. Spring beets are the best.

clodhopper said...

Hope you're eating the beet tops too....they're just as good a spinach!

Ali said...

YUM! What a beautiful beet! Mine are still at the baby beet greens stage :-)

Has your hubby had roasted beets in a salad? Try that, it's yummy with some goat cheese and a citrusy dressing, and now Dan eats beets :-)

Mark said...

Just started harvesting my very first ever vegetables, it is just great knowing a few minutes before that it was in the ground and then you are eating it.

Cheers Mark

Petunia's Gardener said...

I enjoyed every bit of it. And I've been adding the greens to salads. Love to know how you all prefer them. Cooked, in salads or what? Thanks for visiting.