Saturday, June 30, 2007


During our road trip earlier this month, we had a scavenger hunt list, thanks to two of DH's co-workers. I will say it encouraged us to keep our eyes open even through those miles & miles of prairies. We never knew when one of the items on the list would pop up. One item listed was a shoe along the road. In western Nebraska, above, we spotted one.
...actually, we spotted 29 or 30!

We had a beautiful day outside today, but I'm now ready to "hang up the boots," at least for the night.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Coffee'd Beans

I appreciate all of the input following the bean incident. Definitely a pest of the slug, rabbit, deer, or dog variety (or Emily the cat?). Even with the rabbit's blog comment confession, yesterday I had decided it must be slugs as there were no foot prints or other disturbances. Out came some coffee grounds that have some slug deterring traits. Today: so far so good. The new growth of the uneaten plants hasn't disappeared and the eaten plants are sprouting new growth.

....But then this evening, this little guy was waiting just outside the garden. I can almost smell the beans on his breath. So if you're reading this, Wabbit, beware: You'll have some sleepless nights ahead if you decide to sample the coffee'd beans. And you're already twitchy enough.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Lavender Surprise

After picking dinner tonight I went out for just one more thing to throw in. That's when I noticed that every lavender plant in the garden was blooming and, of course, just had to pick a few stalks.

I wasn't hoping for much in the way of blooms this year as I had moved most of the plants around in May. A few of the plants came from our visit to the lavender farms last July. See POST 1 and POST 2 to see more about these excursions. Several of the plants came from Munstead seeds I started last year. They sprouted and grew very nicely, but someone told me that seed started lavender might not bloom (vs. root or cutting starts). Of course, they are blooming. Some wonder lavender also came from a friend last year.

I'm happy to have lavender anywhere in the garden. Next year (or two) I do hope to have a lavender bed all along the west side of the garden.

So now where is that "scratch & sniff" feature on blogger?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Suspect Wanted!

To the nasty bean tip eater out there: Serious consequences will result if you return. You've been warned!
The beans at the other end are already climbing. I hope some more can make it to safety before the guilty party returns.

(Any idea who would do this terrible deed?)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The other 'henge

On this day, a tribute to the other 'henge (even though our NW summer hasn't really started yet).
Yes, the other place to be on summer solstice... Carhenge, near Alliance, Nebraska. (The clouds confused our date checking abilities and we were a week early.) Read more about it here.
The yellow dot in the middle, above, is our moving truck. The car on top was what DH was driving when we first met. If in doubt, Yes! this was a fun and interesting place to visit. There is more to see so...
...keep your eye out for future posts!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Beet Treats

When I returned on Sunday, I noticed some beets pushing themselves out of the ground. This must mean they are ready to eat so I pulled one tonight. Ummm... tastes like they are ready to eat too!

I have a few more that look ready and then some that are not quite as far along. As DH doesn't think he likes them, and Nikko only wants them if they are fish flavored (see THIS post about this comment), harvesting about one every few nights should be just fine.

You can see them on April 22 here. This is my first time to grow beets.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rolling into summer

Here we are earlier this week in the beautiful green hills of northwest South Dakota! We arrived home today from our drive that started in Kansas and took us through Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho and finally, Washington. That's our handy rental moving truck you see here, carrying some items from my family home (I spent a week there before starting the drive).

To go the route we wanted, most of the time we were on small roads/highways, not the interstate. Be sure, there will be more posts about some of the highlights. We had fun and found some great spots off the beaten path.
Above, you can see our yellow Penske truck parked among the RVs at Mt. Rushmore! A moving truck might not be the usual vehicle for a vacation, but it is easy to find in the parking lot. Hope some of that warm weather we had on the trip soon reaches Petunia's Garden. I've been wearing shorts for two weeks, and the first thing we both did at home (after finding the cats) was to put on long pants. Then I checked on the garden!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Flashy Trout's Back Update

Here is the growing Flashy Trout's Back lettuce. I'm not adding the link here, but the lettuce label will take you to the earlier days.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bachlors Buttons

The first open volunteer bachlors buttons in the garden. At first I thought the sprouts were weeds, so I'm glad I let them grow more.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Weather Change

Sunday night, we had a change of weather and promises of some rain. The cold air current across the sky was rather obvious as DH grilled that salmon we had. Not a lot of rain that night, but I understand it has been raining more since.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fledgling Sprouts

A quick shot in the dark light of a pending thunderstorm, following a week of hot weather. It was thundering while I planted the cucumbers and squash, the last of my seedlings to go in the ground. Still no rain yet, but we're ready!

DH made it home tonight with salmon he caught yesterday. A salad from the garden including the first of the peas and broccoli, with a little spinach and chard along with the lettuce. Now that was a nice meal, just in time to send me off on a trip in the early morning. I do hope to make it to the internet while traveling, maybe even with some guest gardens. If not, I'll have material for later posts!

I was sure I would see Petunia this weekend. She might have been there, but I didn't see her. One of the snake crew did leave their old coat in the pumpkin patch yesterday. In between my laying down the coffee bags in the morning and planting pumpkin seedlings in the evening, one of them found the coffee bags to be a nice place to trade last year's fashion for something new.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Garden Helpers

Picked up a load of green coffee bags yesterday morning. This morning, I unloaded them. I didn't even know Emily was checking them out until I saw this picture tonight! She does like the bag covered pathways in the garden. Guess she thinks this means she'll soon have some clean bags to lay on.
Some went directly to the pumpkin patch. Others went into the barn and to friends. My plan was to lay them over that grass path between the sunflower bed (right) and the pumpkin patch (left) as it becomes hard to keep mown when the pumpkins are gowning. Instead, I covered the already rototilled pumpkin patch. There was some grass and weeds popping up and the bags should help discourage them, keep the soil moist and make the worms happy. Tonight, I planted the 4 pumpkin sprouts from the seeds planted May 13th. Now I need to plant the Snackjack pumpkins.
My, we did a lot of work today. Time to take a nap. Apparently, she approves of the stepping stones also. There are 2 at the ends of each path to make for easy trimming. Emily (& Petunia's Gardener) have been walking on the garden bed endcaps and these stepping stones to get around the garden beds without walking through the grass.