Sunday, May 06, 2007

So, it's May, remember to breathe...

A younger ornamental cherry tree in the yard is now blooming. Its flowers are very fluffy! Very different than the earlier blooming cherries.

Finally, today, I hope to spend some time in the garden. Without much attention in the past 2 weeks, so many volunteer sunflowers, borage and weeds of course are popping up everywhere. I want to finish the stone row endcaps I started, transplant more broccoli, lettuce, chard and maybe some tomatoes and plant some flower seeds.

I'll bet you I don't get even close that done! I'll need to watch the hummingbirds buzzing around, check out every corner of the property to see what is growing, putter about in the barn and maybe clean of the patio tables/chairs so they are ready for use. So what if the to do list doesn't get done. As long as I'm outside, it will be a good use of the day.


RUTH said...

Someone after my own heart; as long as I'm oudoors I'm happy. No hummingbirds here but plenty of bees!

Anita said...

That bloom of your ornamental cherry tree is wonderful, indeed!

Oh yes, we all are very busy these days, aren't we?

I almost finished to sow all my seeds. Now we need rain, it has been so dry since long!

Happy gardening!

Ki said...

The Kwanzan cherries are in full bloom now in NJ too. Actually its almost past the prime blooming time because the leaves are starting to come out obscuring the flowers a bit. In a week they'll probably be all gone. :( Wonderful double blossoms.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Very pretty that cherry blossom!

That's the spirit, every hour spend in the garden, is an hour well spend. ;-)

Mark said...

Lovely picture of the cherry blossom, the drip of water makes it. I love just pottering and getting nothing done , wouldn't mind a few hummingbirds though.
Cheers Mark