Friday, May 18, 2007

Bloom Day Bonus

Remember this Why Wait post from February, here?

The bromeliad (or air plant) is finally blooming. Then it will produce a new plant clump, or pup to the side. It is rather interesting that it does all of this with just a little water now and then. This plant moved in with us some years ago and was only one clump at that time.

What a week! A busy weekend too, but that's ok. We started off with record high temps this week. Now we are back to cool and rainy. (I think the garden is happy to have a drink, but would also like some of the warmth.)


RUTH said...

How exciting! We've had a lot of rain too and everything is growing very lush....I'm ready for more sunshine now though to bring the blooms out.

Anita said...

What a pretty blossom!

Me too, I am looking forward to some warmer days now. We had enough rain during the last couple of days - the garden really deserved it after the very hot days at the beginning of May.

Have a great week-end - although it might not be a relaxing one according to what you wrote.