Saturday, May 26, 2007

Busy Bee Weekend

The bees have found the irises that were stashed in the garden during a flower bed redo two years ago. They weren't supposed to still be in the garden, but they are. Not the sharpest photo as it was so bright outside when I took it, I couldn't see how it was focusing. I spent a lot of time in the garden today with the bees and irises too. I'll have to post about that in a day or two as I'm fading fast now!

Did have a sighting (& a quick scream) of Herbert up on the hill (or his twin). I was heading up to the hillside retreat and just barely avoided stepping on him. I hope to see Petunia or younger cousin Daisy in the garden soon. Probably not enough tall grass and too much activity. But I'll do my best to accommodate her if she returns.


RUTH said...

I love watching the bees in our garden. Glad Herbert(or relative) is Ok; hope you see Petunia soon.

SiouxSue said...

How beautiful. English iris and US iris look somewhat alike...but not a lot. That's very interesting.

Mark said...

I bet Herbert would let you know if you had stood on him.
I'm not sure what snake is for ow that hurt but i bet it isn't nice.

Anonymous said...

Those cute bees match the flower they are buzzing!