Friday, April 06, 2007

Romancing Ms. Frog

Tonight might be Frog's lucky night. See how he's filled the pond with romantic flower petals? The water should be warm and cozy under the clear, starry night. He's singing his best song and has a lovely bug breakfast planned for the morning. Now the frog you see above is the ceramic floating frog used as singing Frog's lily pad before the real ones have sprouted. In this link you can see him sitting on it. He is the little (with a big voice) brown Pacific Tree Frog, vs. the bright green ones also around.
Tonight a little after 7pm. But I don't think it will stick around for long.


dot said...

Everyone needs a mate. Hope the little fellow finds his! Cute post!

Sheila said...

A special date ahead for your little frog friend perhaps. i like frogs, and the one you show in your link is cute.Happy Easter.

Naturegirl said...

Oh you had me fooled for a bit! When opening my pond I found 1 casualty of winter freeze!One of my resident frogs is now planted in my garden :(
So nice to see water in your pond as mine is under {{{ICE}}} once more! Bring that reading down to my's -2C!!!Brrrrr...Happy Easter as my teeth chatter! NG

Ali said...

After the snow we had earlier this week, I am decidedly jealous of your advanced state of spring... your cherry trees are lovely!