Sunday, March 04, 2007

Snail Mail Brings Ducks!

This is the nice surprise in my mailbox last weekend! I was lucky number 13 in Mrs. Nesbitt's drawing to celebrate her 300th post. Fortunately, the talented Elsie liked 13 also.

It is an artist trading card she made to look like a mini Woman's Day magazine cover. Then she attached it to blank greeting card in case I want to share it with others. It was just the right topic for the past rainy weeks we've had! A little break today so I'm on my way outside.

Thanks, Denise, for the fun drawing and mail (I do love snail mail too). I think I'll have to keep it though, because it reminds me of the funny Jo, your faithful gander!


Naturegirl said...

13 is my lucky #! I looked back at a few of your posts and LoVe your cat peeking..oh those whiskers!:)NG

Petunia's Gardener said...

That's funny you noticed her whiskers. When she was tiny, her wiskers curled around in front of her face. Her original family called her whiskers, but her little white mustache curls up on each side so we named her Nikko Nikko (Nikko for short). Her orignal family & us were both hosting a Japanese student. So, yes, she is a Whiskers too. thanks for visiting.