Saturday, March 31, 2007

Petunia's Cafe

Petunia's Hummingbird Cafe - Ornamental Cherry Blossom Breakfast
Petunia's Gardener Cafe - The best Saturday morning spot (view above)! Errr...sorry we didn't wait for you (coffee below).
While we're not sitting outside today, we have the same nice view of the trees from our inside table (the trees you can see behind the chairs in this summer shot, above, are the cherry trees).
A shot from the side in the sun with a little blue sky too. The rains have been hard on the blossoms this year. You can compare to last year, here.


dot said...

The cherry trees are beautiful!

talj said...

So beautiful I wish I could join you for a morning cuppa! Have a nice weekend {{HUGS}} xx

Sheila said...

Glorious, I am so looking forward to mine coming into bloom. Have a great weekend.!

Anita said...

Paula, oh my!!! I am impressed by the beauty of your cherry trees! The first shot is absolutely stunning, wow!

I'd LOVE to have a cup of coffee with you under your cherrie tree, what a pity that I was too late!

Enjoy these marvellous spring days

Petunia's Gardener said...

Yes, let's all have a coffee in this nice little spot, once it warms up further. Thanks for visiting!

Lisa said...

Beautiful trees! Can't wait for them to bloom here.