Monday, March 05, 2007

March Garden Madness

A fine surprise, weather-wise, yesterday led to some garden madness. The garden soil was quite workable and I was able to dig the winter crop of rocks while preparing a couple beds for future planting. Each was only a small pebble when planted last fall and now I'm set for many meals of rock soup!

Hopefully the snow peas and snap peas planted yesterday will do as well! I've never planted them this early, but thought I'd give them a try since some in this area plant them around the February Presidents' Day holiday. I can plant more later if needed. Oh yes, planted a few radish seeds also. The nice condition of the soil also meant the grass & weeds pulled quite easily. I brought out my favorite weed pulling tool (see this post for more about it). Yes, it is a "rat's tail" file, but you'll notice it easily loosens the soil to the bottom of the dandelion root.
Fortunately, I have friends who help in the garden rain or shine, even when I'm stuck inside.
I noticed last year, and again yesterday, that the worms really seem to like the green coffee bags used as mulch/weed block. This is one I picked up to move.
Not only can we recycle the paper/jars/cans from inside, we also have a yard waste wheelie bin. I can use a lot of yard waste in the garden, but not the awful blackberries! No way these cuttings will go to my garden. Starting this month, I'll be able to fill this up every two weeks and off it will go to more powerful composting than I could ever do.

On Saturday, I also planted a few seeds indoors: broccoli, fennel, parsley, and tomatoes. I'll do a post later if they show any promise of sprouting!

Needless to say, I'm going back to my desk today to recover!


RUTH said...

You have been busy. Love the crop of rocks....where do they all come from?

mrsnesbitt said...

I loved the rocks your back didn't!

meresy_g said...

If you would have told me 20 years ago that there would come a day when a picture of earthworms in March would make my pulse quicken and make me feel all warm and fuzzy I would have said you were crazy. I can't wait to see my worms again! Thanks for the picture.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Crumbs! You have been very busy this weekend. I'm impressed!

Mindboggling where all those rocks come from, isn't it? You keep removing them year after year but hey, there still there. Grrrrrr

Julia said...

Ha ha! Funny about your crop of rocks :)

Scarecrow said...

Love the rocks too! :)
They grow well down here too!
Really is the season for itchy green fingers in your half of the world!

Petunia's Gardener said...

The pictures are smallish worms. You all should have heard me squeal (with delight) over a huge one I came across.

Then, about dusk tonight, we went out with a flashlight to see if there were any sprouts (not yet). Doesn't take much to delight.