Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hummingbird Feeder Follow-up

Here is little Nikko pondering what type of treats (for her) go in this funny dish. In this post, I commented about this feeder, and the KC MO Garden Guy asked me what kind it is. I have also tried different styles. This one is easily cleaned and it doesn't leak. This photo is the 16 oz size. The earlier posting was the 8 oz. which is a better match for the bird traffic here (though neither needs to be filled completely, so I use them both).

It is made by Aspects. I found it at a local store some time ago, but here is the webpage about it:
The nectar is one part sugar mixed with four parts boiling water. Dissolve, cool and pour in. Any nector I'm saving for the next clean nector replacement goes in the refrigerator.
To answer Julie's question posted in the comments, I've never used food coloring. This feeder is colorful enough! If you have a feeder without color, you could hang something bright with the feeder to help the hummers find it the first time. Once they find a good source, they'll remember it!


Allotment Lady said...

You are a 'softie' like me for birds - I feed my wild birds very well and we get such a wonderful variety.

My tomato seedlings got eaten by slugs in my lean too on the back of the garage - so it is back to square one for me.

Scarecrow said...

Nikko looks very interested in that feeder.
She doesn't chase the birds does she??

mrsnesbitt said...

Puss looks very interested!

Libbys Blog said...

How cool to have humming birds! Never thought about a feeder but its a great idea!!!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Cute and curious cat. :-) I love feeding the birds too but all though there are many kinds of birds where I live, hummingbirds are not among them, alas.

Mark said...

The HummZinger is indeed a great feeder. Here's mine in use last fall.

Julie said...


We are out of red food coloring. Have you ever attracted hummers with a different color for your sugar water?

Thanks and good wishes

Ali said...

I too love this feeder, so easy to clean and refil. We just get the ruby throated hummers in Maine, but they will come right up to the deck where the feeder is without fear of us humans a few feet away.

We have never used the red food coloring either, just the sugar syrup and always have hummers at the feeder.