Friday, March 16, 2007

Bloom Day - March

Carol at May Dreams Gardens is collecting Bloom Day posts (every month around the 15th). Visit the comments to her post here to find other bloom posters.

Here is one of the camellias, not quite open yet. Weird weather year we've all said, but here is the same plant on March 12, 2006.

~Indian plum, a native shrub
~Plum trees (watch for photos later as they aren't on this computer)
~Winter pansies in the cows
~Little blue flower in the shade bed, didn't notice it last year
~Blue & pink flowers on plant with spotted leaves, shade bed -Just found out what this is! Libby posted it here: Pulmanaria, aka Lungwart.
~Corydalis growing in the garage
~Oh, yes, the one small ornamental cherry (large ones are not there yet)


RUTH said...

Wonderful colour this camellia. The weather is playing funny tricks here too.

Carol said...

Thanks for particpating in bloom day. I love that camellia, a shrub we can only try to have as a houseplant here, and even then "it ain't much".

Green thumb said...

That's a beautiful romantic red camellia!
Also the blooming Lichen is something very new and charming for me, thanks to you!

A wildlife gardener said...

Fabulous! They can only be grown in a cold greenhouse, where I live, though outdoors in the city with its microclimate.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Love the camellia and your list of blooms is not too shabby either. ;-)

It seems we both share a plant in flower: lungwort. Mine has blue and pink flowers, how about yours? In my previous garden I had one with white flowers, very pretty especially with the grey and white spotted leaves.

Sheila said...

This is super colour.
We have nothing in bloom yet. Some rather sad pansies have been revealed by the melting snow. If the snow that is forecast isn't too bad, perhaps in a couple of weeks we will have some forsythia and crocus in flower.