Friday, February 09, 2007

Treat Box

Here's a nice little paper container you can make. It started with a piece of 12 inch x 12 inch card stock scrapbooking paper, but I didn't think about photos until I had already cut the curved ends. Follow the pictures going from left to right to see how it progresses.
Above left-approx. 12 inches wide by 9.5 inches from curved side to other curved side. Above, right-Scoring the curved fold that will form the ends of the container is the trickiest part. You see the white template I'm using. It is the same one that I used to cut the curves.
Above left- Now can you see the curved scoring? Above right-just before putting double sided tape (or glue) along the skinny flap on the right side.
Above - see how the curved flaps fold to close the ends? You can carefully crease the folds a little more to make them sharp. The ends are not taped. They stay closed on their own. When the flaps are not folded, the containers are nice and flat until needed again.
Above-Wrap the gift in some tissue or paper to keep it from moving around too much and drop in the container. Packets of seeds would fit just right, or in this case note cards.

A little ribbon or bow finishes it up. Of course it has to go inside a box if being mailed, like this one was.

It can be used again too.

DH & I have a little collection of nice containers and boxes we use for surprises and no further wrapping needed. The template for this one came from one we used for a while. It was showing some wear and I wanted to learn to make another like it.

I hope the post layout comes through to your computer ok - these side by side pictures seem to shift around some. And now I see the photos have gone wavy! Reposted so many times to get them in the right spot, I think I wore out the bytes. If you need clarification on any of them, letme know. Back to 'Allo 'Allo! now before the whole post goes wavey!


RUTH said...

That is such a coincidence...received an email from a blog friend with a template of these on as she had recently posted about them!
She makes great salt dough items too.

Jackie said...

P - these are soooo cute! Thanks for posting the 'how to'. I made seed packets to share my garden seeds, and was thinking about making larger versions for gift containers, but they are flat. These would work great for items that aren't flat - like my book thongs. I'll do it!

Sheila said...

These are too cute, and a lovely addition to a gift..almost a gift in themselves..thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

So this is where that cute box came from. Thanks for posting the directions. I will have to try that some time.