Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sow, Welcome February

So, February. Let's get out the book to see what I could have been doing already. This is the Maritime Northwest Garden Guide-Planning Calendar for Year-Round Organic Gardening, produced by the local organization Seattle Tilth. I found it sometime last summer so haven't been through the whole year with it yet. Probably everything I need to know, but of course I cannot resist hunting through the library for every other promising resource too.

"January provides the perfect conditions for imagining and planning a garden." Boy, they got that right. It goes on to share all sorts of wonderful information, seed sources and the seeds you might sow indoors to transplant later. So, February. Our choices expand. In LATE February, there are suggestions for sowing OUTDOORS, in a cloche, and indoors for transplanting later. It also says February in the Maritime Northwest brings rain, rain and more rain!

Here are some of the activities I hope to remember this month. What about you?
  1. Peas - Sow by Presidents' Day (Feb. 19th) per tradition in these parts
  2. Greens - Sow early spring greens in late February (which greens?)
  3. Radishes - DH will eat them, and I recall they were quite fun.
  4. Garlic - I have intended to plant in Nov. but maybe this weekend.
  5. Book says these hardy annual flowers can be started outside in late February: alyssum, bachelor's buttons, sweet peas... and sweet peas are on my 2007 must grow list.
  6. In a cloche (but may wait till Mar): beets, lettuce , spinach
  7. Start indoors (but may wait): broccoli, tomatoes

Guess I should go back to the January planning I skipped and figure out who gets to live in which garden bed this year.


Libbys Blog said...

Theres definately something great about getting going in the garden again!!

RUTH said...

Can't wait to get gardening when the spring comes. This looks a handy magazine to have. Good luck with your February gardening.

Sheila said...

I shall have to 'imagine' my garden until at least the end of March, and very little is planted here until the danger of frost is past...usually May 24th...!!

Anthony said...

I wish I had a Garden Guide Planning Calendar. Seems like a great resource.

I think I'm stuck in January mode since I'm still doing a lot of imagining and planning. Mostly I'm imagining how I'm going to afford to buy all the seed/plants that I want and I'm planning on how to convince my wife that we need them.

Helpmate said...

Sounds like gardening could be a year-round hobby for you. Maybe you need a greenhouse!

Allotment Lady said...

You are going to be one busy bee

I am holding off the temptation to sow much just yet as we are in for a very cold spell - we were lulled into a 'climate' change mode for a while, but now it is going back to winter!

Jackie said...

I'm enjoying planning on what is going where in the garden, too! It's that time of year.
Missed you today at the Gourd Festival at Pinal County Fair Grounds!