Friday, February 16, 2007

Reachable by E-mail

After work tonight, I went to the Northwest Flower & Garden Show (I still smell like hyacinths!). I think attending after a work day especially made this outdoor office appeal to me. And with our new laptop, I may be blogging from amongst the sunflowers this summer! How far does wireless internet reach?

This year's theme is "The Living Room" so there were many ideas for outdoor living room spaces. The many pergolas/arbors used in the display gardens often included a covering (like the clear one here) to protect from the "Seattle Sunshine" (rain). I didn't know the theme before I went, but this was just the type of ideas I hoped to find. The plants are always exciting, but display garden plants seem to have very little to do with reality, especially if one prefers low maintenance.

Unfortunately, the seed company I like was not there. Guess I'll need to get my internet order in. I did pick up a couple types of flowering sweet pea seeds. I wanted to add them this year.

Dear Husband didn't go with me, but I knew he would want to see this. How much fun would this be around the yard & garden!


Jackie said...

I'm so anxious for spring and to get home and dig in the garden, but it's a long way off for our season. P - wireless internet reaches EVERYWHERE. We have it in the motorhome, and with the 'booster' that T put on it, we always have internet. I can pull it up going down the highway - or anywhere we sit. I love it.

Anita said...

Me too, I LOVE flower shows... hoho, and our husbands seem to have the same "strange" dreams, he would have loved that machine for "gardening", too!