Monday, February 05, 2007

Pumpkin Kitchen

So I started my search for the recipe when I got home later than I expected. Any recipe must use at least 1 cup of pumpkin (and then it still gets an extra spoonful). Bread used 1 cup, butter used 2 cups and I still have 1.5 -2 cups left from the first pumpkin half.

This is pumpkin bread with spices & raisins. Tomorrow's breakfast.

The honey-pumpkin butter is done when it has the consistency of stiff apple butter when dropped on a chilled plate. Mine wasn't chilled, but I decided it was done. It will be good on plain bread. The cloves are a bit strong, but maybe they'll blend in after setting.

Here's a very determined Maria helping me inspect for the bread batter I splattered everywhere. Next time wear cute flowery thrifted apron, not robe & pjs! And use the deeper bowl. Looking forward to Wednesday when I can catch up with everyone's blogs.


RUTH said...

The pumpkin bread looks good...I make a banana bread that the grandchildren love

Helpmate said...

Yes, I'll take some pumpkin. But only if you share that butter recipes, as well. :) Fresh toast...warm butter...yum!

Sheila said...

Cats make the best helpers don't they. Love pumpkin in anything..don't like cloves..

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Another request here for the honey-pumpkin butter recipe here... although the bread looks delicious, too!

GirlGoneGardening said...

yes, yes, post the recipie!!!

I cant bake with kitty around, last time I did, I turned away a moment only to find kitty in the mixing bowl!

Petunia's Gardener said...

Hope you enjoy this little pumpkin pie on toast treat! The way I was mixing last night, kitty wouldn't have had to go to the bowl, the batter would have come to her! Maria just wanted ATTENTION!