Saturday, February 10, 2007

Planting Garlic

Finally, the garlic is in the ground. I admit that I bought the starts (bulbs) in late October. Oh, but it has been so wet/cold since then! Surely, I was smart to wait (right?). Today the soil was very nice for digging.

In case you are wondering, the burlap green coffee bags you can see on the left side of the picture have been working hard all winter to smother/shade out the grass. This is where two new beds will go this spring. Here is the post about the new beds last year.

I also have to admit that I don't know exactly what variety of small garlic I planted. It's just called California Garlic. I know I should have researched, but it was one of those moments of weakness when I didn't want to spend more time hunting. Not that I would have known what to choose if I did have more choices. It was elephant garlic I knew I wanted and the local store did have it, so I got them both. How long until I can have roasted elephant garlic on the menu?

Please let me know your garlic tips and your favorite varieties so I can plan better next time.


Libbys Blog said...

Those seed heads look like lace!!! Gorgeous! I like the gift box you made yesterday as well!

Gotta Garden said...

I love to grow garlic! You have a wonderful source there in WA State, So many choices, so little land (for me)...sigh!

My best tip: For larger heads, only plant the largest cloves...use the small ones to grow garlic greens (which are very tasty!).

Good luck with the garlic! You will enjoy your harvest so much!

Petunia's Gardener said...

Thanks for supporting my attempts at boxes & garlic! I will check out the filaree farm site indeed and add it to my planning list for the future.