Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'm going to the "library"...

We have a wonderful library system in this area. Maybe they're all like this now. No matter which library in the system has the book, I can go on line and place a hold on it. Then it will magically appear on a shelf at the library of my choosing waiting just for me! An e-mail will be sent when the book arrives and I tell dear husband that I'm stopping at the library tonight.

The library of my choosing is on the way home, but it is also near my favorite charity / second-hand store that just happens to be open a little later in the evenings. Thrifting and librarying all in one evening! That's my library card, above. Self-service check-out means more time for browsing (at both locations). I'm always watching for older or interesting items and just never know what I'll find. Tonight I was pleased to find this aluminum chair (and even with the comfortable curved seat bar) and solid stepping stool (I can see it in a colorful coat of paint). I have one aluminum chair now that came with DH years ago. It's always in the garden or barn, but it's getting very wobbly. They're so easy to move around and remind me of childhood camping trips.

And with the stepping stool, I can even reach the top of the white board in the barn! With no sheep supplies sharing the space now, I'll be doing a spring arranging in the garden shed part of the barn.

And the book? Two Gardeners, a Friendship in Letters, Katharine S. White and Elizabeth Lawrence. This is the February selection for Carol's garden bloggers book group. Here is her post about it. And see this post about what happens next in the book club. I think Carol has some fans here locally as all of the copies were checked out.


Anonymous said...

I like to order books online from my local library too. My library also has archives for all the local history which can be deadly for me, i dont surface for hours i loose all track of time!!

RUTH said...

we have a similar system...it's so handy. I can't resist a charity shop bargain.

Mr Toad said...

The "solid stepping stool" looks more like a "cracket" (as they're called in Newcastle). It's a stool that the miners took down the pit with them to sit on in the low seams or rest their heads on in the really low seams. They're still popular to have around the house & a presents for children.

Here's an original one:

& here's a contempary one:

By any chance did you spy it in an old mining area?

Mr Toad said...
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Blackswamp_Girl said...

That aluminum chair took me back to my childhood... I wonder if I could find some of those at local garage sales or thrift stores, too?