Friday, January 12, 2007

A Visitor?

It appears the cats had "something" to watch on the snowy patio today. For once, none of them seem willing to talk about it. Raccoons get them excited and we hear all about it, but maybe they have blanked this from their memory. It was too cold out there tonight to try to take better photos or to see if there was more of a trail to follow. I think the Homesteaders sent their visitor over. We may need to start shutting that gate after all!

Wonder who all visits when we don't have snow to record the event?


Allotment Lady said...

Oh magic magic magic. I just love to play 'tracker' in the snow. It is amazing the amoung of wildlife that visit our gardens during the night and day, and great to work out which foot prints are which in the snow

Sheila said...

This is lovely...we had a sprinkle of snow a day or so ago, and when I went out to my car, it was surrounded with rabbit paw prints...LOL

mrsnesbitt said...

Love it!
We often saw fox prints when we had snow.