Saturday, January 06, 2007

Petunia Hibernates, Gardener Publishes

Petunia is deep in hibernation about now, I hope. She won't notice that her gardener is working on another project. Surely there will be seeds left in February I can order! Or you will help me out and send me your leftovers. What takes priority over seed ordering and garden planning?

Dear Husband's (DH) Dear Parents (DP) have each been working on sharing stories from their childhood and adult life. One wrote out pages and one made tape recordings. We've been working on getting each of their stories typed and organized into computer files. This has been a long, long term project... and we all hope to wrap it up in January (of course, their stories are still in progress, so wrap it up for now, anyway).

So, I've heard that writing down goals really helps make them happen. Sharing with others even more so. I hope you'll stick with me this month as I try to focus on this project. I also hope it makes any of you even remotely interested in writing your own stories to get started. Sure, our blogs document a lot, but what about all those years before blogs?

I have loved learning about DP's lives especially as children and young adults in the 1920s, 30s and 40s. Day to day life has always fascinated me. Have you seen Carol's (May Dreams Gardens) Grandmother's diary? I also have a box of letters between by Grandparents and my Dad when he was in the Navy, and others who sent cards and letters to my Grandparents. That box is where my Christmas card sentiment and the New Year's card came from.

If you are interested but aren't sure about how to start, there are many resources and tools out there. Some are simple questions to spur ideas, some are examples of how others wrote theirs. If you want to know more, let me know. Most important, is just to start writing it down. Computer files let you go back and tie up loose ends as you need to later.

DPs have some garden related stories included too. Maybe they'll let me share a few to keep Petunia happy in case she checks up on me.


Carol said...

I'm sure it will be a joy of a project to complete transcribing all their notes and tapes, and for a gardener, January is the perfect time for such a project. I am quite the advocate of writing down memories and family history. If the seed companies run out of seeds while you work on this, I'll help you find some!

I know I have a wonderful treasure in my grandmother's diaries and that many people read that blog every day. I am always thrilled to have someone link to it and find out that someone else has read it and enjoyed it, too.

Good luck with your project!

Anita said...

That really is a nice idea, writing down stories of your beloved relatives!

Unfortunately, I do not have much to tell about my former gardening life - as there is none! Can you belive that just some some couple of years ago (tree years ago, to be honest) I had no clue at all about perennials, annuals, seedings and so on...

By the way, are you satisfied with the new blogger version? I have not yet changes but I guess I should switch over soon before blogger makes us switching...

Petunia's Gardener said...

Anita, New Blogger hasn't been bad for me. I still have some links to reset-up. I didn't try to repaste them in, I just reset them up. I think it saves a copy of your original, but I just copied my "customizing" from the original into a Word document and refer to it to remember what I had set up. I love the ease of re-arranging layouts, and color changing abilities. Go for it! Then you'll have labels to use too.

Anita said...

Paula - I just did it! My blog has switched to the new version and you just were the first who wrote a comment - I guess you did not (yet) realise the change.

I am currently working on my "welcome note" - as you already allowed me to copy your idea!

Anyway, I was expecting much more trouble but the the new blogger seems to like me... ;-))

Ah, and I have already set some lables: you now may have an easy look at all the quiltings I did!

mrsnesbitt said...

New Blogger.....I think it is great too! If I can use it, anybody can!

Libbys Blog said...

Both my hubby and I are researching are family trees. My family kept nothing but my hubby has loads of letters between his mother and his grandmother about the time his family emigrated to Rhodesia (as was).
He was given some vouchers for WH Smith and went and bought the software 'ViaVoice' which types while you talk, so hopefully speeding up a process which is taking along time. I look forward to hearing how you progress!

Allotment Lady said...

How wonderful to have such a family history - how I envy you.

Wonderful post PG

Sheila said...

As nice as it is to get it all into the computer, these handwritten pages you show have a beauty all their own. I have a lot of my family history on disk, thanks to a cousin in the UK, but I would love to write it up in a journal and illustrate it.
If I only had the time and the artistic ability.

Molly said...

We should get together some day next month for a seed swap!

Petunia's Gardener said...

Thanks for the support - maybe a raining January will be just fine.

Molly, do you have a blog or e-mail you use? Or maybe you are a blog I know and don't reailze it is yours? Are you in the NW too?