Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mo(le)guls and Meme

After 10 months of avoiding it, I've been tagged by Frankie at Veg Plot in a meme to list 5 things people (at least bloggers) might not know about me. Then I have to tag 5 others. So, here goes...

1) Thanks to DH, I now have a digital photo frame, just like Bill Gates (ok, mine is only 6.5 inches diagonally). It will be a good way to take my garden to work, including all those hundreds of sunflower and pumpkin pictures I haven't posted... yet.

2) I'm sitting here with a bit of a black eye after having a little "eye work" done on Tuesday (well, on the mogul that developed under my eye). DH is afraid you'll really think it is a nip & tuck, but it's not. No exciting results; hopefully, just no more bump.

3) My garden has its own blog (oh wait, you already know that. I use that for outside-of-the- internet games). How about my secret daytime life is spent in a corporation working with taxes. Who knew?!

4) I did spend one summer working at the Grand Canyon - one lovely daily commute, I can tell you that. Sort of like the old Harvey Girls (but I handled the money, not the food) - I really did answer an ad I saw in the newspaper and I worked for the Fred Harvey Company (or its successor). Dear Boyfriend (i.e. DH) also drove out to visit that summer & proposed!

5) We're really keeping the moles as pets, but don't tell the neighbors.
(If that last one doesn't count, I'm also a transplanted Wichita State University Shocker.)

Now it is your turn, please:
OK, Homesteaders - you've been FISHED, I mean TAGGED
Clodhopper - will take a break from vacation to play too?
Mike, his Allotment and photos-my first garden blog discovery.
Anita and her frosty Country Cottage Garden plus creative sewing.
Wendy, Plot 29 - she gets to live in London AND garden. Check out her shoes!


Allotment Lady said...

Great- nice to know these things.

mrsnesbitt said...

Tagging...keep reading about it!
Fascinating facts there, aren't people so interesting!

Sheila said...

Interesting answers..
This photo looks like small igloos under the snow..!

wendy said...

Will post my five things soon!

dot said...

Interesting photo. Is it snow or sand? HOpe that isn't a dumb question!

Petunia's Gardener said...

I kept trying different settings on the camera to capture the snow light appropriately. The camera doesn't always see the same thing I see. It is rather difficult to tell what you are looking at. I was walking by that bit of the pasture and just happened to notice the quantity of perfect mounds under the snow.

Anita said...

OMG, I have been tagged!!! ;-))) Well, I need to think about a reply.... ;-)))

I envy your snow! *sight* I wish we would have a winter wonder land as well!