Friday, December 29, 2006

Look Out New Year!

01/01/07 update: So this hat didn't work its way into the new year's eve celebration after all. It will be a nice addition to the barn / potting shed so no worries. Hmmm... quite the find at my favorite second hand shop! It looked like it had been a hanging decoration and it had a layer of dust on the flowers. A good soaking brightened it up. Check back in a few days and see if it shows up again!


Allotment Lady said...

I am sure it will. Whoever decorated it sure had an artistic flair.

I have moved your to my Photo a Day list.

I am really looking forward to blog hopping and seeing what everyone features.

As you so rightly said - and my thoughts too - to feature just a photo is a great idea for those days when you just can't write a full posting for whatever reason. It will keep the blogs fresh and keep people revisiting.

Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Hi Petunia, fellow picture a day neighbour...looking foreward to the photo project!


Anonymous said...

I have come here via allotment lady. I hope you don't mind but I have put a link to you, on my blog for the photo a day thingy!! Looking forward to it! All the best for the new year!