Tuesday, December 19, 2006

2007 Calendars Available

Still needing a 2007 calendar?
Beauty & Strength 2007:
Women of Mary’s Place Speak of Homelessness & Hope
$10 Postage Paid ~ Now Available

A compelling wall calendar celebrating the beauty, strength, courage and hope of women who have experienced homelessness. Proceeds benefit Seattle’s Church of Mary Magdalene & Mary’s Place Day Center. More information at www.churchofmarymagdalene.org or 206-621-8474.

Print the order form here or from the website: http://www.churchofmarymagdalene.org/2007%20flyer.doc.
(note, this form can be slow to load, but it will load)
The calendar is beautiful and inspiring, just like the women. Let me know if you have any questions about the organization or the calendar. This is a community of women supporting one another through very difficult situations. They'll appreciate your support and you'll be inspired all year long.


jackie said...

Very nice post - it's so good of you to pass this info along. I'm always willing to support aid for the homeless. I've done volunteer work for the past three years at our community center - where we work with the homeless and poverty stricken. I feel that everyone, should give a little, in one way or another, to help those less fortunate. I always think "There but for the gace of God...."

Petunia's Gardener said...

Thanks for the note and for being in support. I believe this is the same photographer who did the last calendar. The women enjoyed working with her and the photos really captured the beauty in every soul.

Allotment lady said...

Brilliant - the cards and calendars that charities have made are wonderful and we should do all we can to support their work and efforts.

I hope your particulare one does well - I am sure your posting will boost sales - well done.