Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snowflowers are Blooming!

We don't do a lot of snow in the Puget Sound lowlands. And when it does arrive, usually it quickly melts. This might be with us for a few days thanks to cold temps. I could hear some cars sliding and spinning on the main road by our house due to the ice that also formed. Lots of hills and little road clearing so a good day to stay off the roads.


Anita said...

OHM, finally it snowed! Lovely photos!
Well, since it has been pretty warmish over here in Germany over the past couple of days, I still have lots of annuals blooming in my garden right now (you are more than welcome to visit my blog). So I was not at all in a winter or even X-Mas mood... until I saw your snow photos... thanks!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures look great, I love snow and cold weather but in South Florida the most we can hope for is one day in the 40’s

Anonymous said...

Cute photo of "snowflowers." It looks like you've gotten a good early dose of winter out there. It's been in the 60s here in Washington DC for about the past week. I am sure the cold will blow this way soon. Your photos give a good preview. :-)