Thursday, November 30, 2006

Good-Bye, November!

Well, we're really not too sad to see you go. Over 15.5 inches of rain this month doesn't replace a few nice rains we could have used last summer (hmmm...remember Ode to Rain?) Just the usual 5-6 inches in Nov. would have been just fine.

And "thunder snow" ?! After the 6th flash over my head on the way home in the ice/snow Monday night, I was starting to think my car had some electrical issue making the street lights go out - or was it me? Aren't flashes of light signs of eye problems? Is this how crazy starts? Why now?

Finally, I heard a good thunder along with the lightning and decided I wasn't seeing things after all. Thunder snow - who knew!

And who needs this 18 degrees? Our average low for November is firmly above the freezing line. Sure there were also some above average days in November. But these pansies (& cows) aren't sure they were cut out for 18 degrees. They had months of blooming to go still, who knows now.

December may be arriving more peacefully here, but for some of the rest of you, it sounds like it's our November in disguise. Keep warm, stay safe and good luck!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Winter Apples

We had a little blue sky yesterday, but as the temps stayed low, it didn't produce much melting. The large pileated woodpeckers have been happy to find some apples still in the trees, with or without the extra topping.

Today, we're back to white skies to go with the white snow, and no melting. May have more snow tonight and then warmer temps and rain. Right now, the road connecting our little street to the rest of the world is blocked in the down hill direction by a sideways truck and car and a very iced hill up the other way. Some drivers decided to go around the "closed" sign at the top of the hill only to find the blockage around the curve. Then they cannot make it back up the hill. As I said before, we don't do snow here often!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Squirrel Forecast

The squirrels knew about the weather this week. We are supposed to have a mild winter, but I've been noticing how extra plump the squirrels have become.

I'll heed the squirrel activity this afternoon: I saw one make lots of trips to the tree by the barn with a mouthful of leaves and treasures. A few extra blankets and snacks I presume. How cold will it be tonight? I think I'll follow his lead and plan to stay inside.

Snowflowers are Blooming!

We don't do a lot of snow in the Puget Sound lowlands. And when it does arrive, usually it quickly melts. This might be with us for a few days thanks to cold temps. I could hear some cars sliding and spinning on the main road by our house due to the ice that also formed. Lots of hills and little road clearing so a good day to stay off the roads.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Bright Spot

Thanks again for the orchid, Sis! What a lovely treat on these dark days. It remains in the small pot it came in for the Barn Warming over a year ago. I thought I should repot it, but then it the flower buds starting showing so I let it go. It has more flowers than shown in the photo.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Snackjack Pie

I'm not the cook that many gardeners are, but I do like to use the harvest (plus I wanted more roasted pumpkin seeds). One medium snackjack pumpkin makes just a little more than a pie. Yes, that's a store pie shell. Maybe next time I'll try making the crust too. The neighboring pie is from our apples trees. I call these vegetable and fruit servings.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Dinner plans?

Anyone for roasted pumpkin dinner and a little turkey pie?
But, oh, no shortage of thanks to give on this day of giving thanks.
Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you!
(...and you thought pumpkin pics would end with Halloween!)

Saturday, November 18, 2006


DH mowed(mulched) & collected the leaves from the ornamental cherry trees (see April view here) and we're spreading them in the garden. I hope the leaves and some burlap coffee bean bags will smother out the grass between these rows. Before mowing the leaves, below.Early November, below, after taking down the bean structure (see Aug photo here). The clean coffee bags in the far end cover part of next year's expansion. Hopefully some of the grass will be gone by spring.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Need Mulch?

Big-leaf maple - all the mulch you ever need in one single tree!

These leaves surprise me every fall when I find them on the ground mixed in with normal leaves. That's a size 9 foot there.

When I was out in the garden on that extra frosty day, I kept hearing crunches in the neighbor's woods. Was it the neighbors? No. Crunch, crunch. Was it a squirrel? No. Was it that coyote that's been around? Crunch, crunch. Finally concluded it was these giant frozen leaves not so silently falling to the ground!

What a week! I didn't expect to be so out of touch. I even have topics lined up and still couldn't get them posted.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Snackjacks Indeed!

These small Snackjack pumpkins will be back next year!
I baked them for about an hour and my father-in-law scooped out the meat. DH soaked the seeds in salt water and then stuck them back in the oven for roasted pumpkin seeds. We added chopped apples to the pumpkin meat. (Spring photo here.)
And made apple & pumpkin muffins. The roasted pumpkins seeds where so much better than the seeds we tried to roast last year. These needed no shelling and we've eaten them all already. So all the little Snackjacks scattered around the house will soon accomplish their snack providing mission and be eaten before long!