Monday, October 23, 2006

Fall Peas in Blossom

The August 10th planting of snow peas (Oregon Sugar Pod II, I think) are blossoming. I have no idea how they'll do once the frosts start. (Before we mowed them down last weekend, the pumpkin leaves looked like they might have had a light frost, but nothing else seems to have minded.) I realized today, however, that this row gets shaded by the barn in the afternoon. In the future, I'll use the rows farther away from the barn for early spring and late fall crops to give them a few more needed hours of sun. The white framed windows are sizing up the area for a possible cold frame over the lettuce and spinach.


Leslie said...

I had to do I double take when I saw that picture ... looked like spring for a moment ... thought I had slept right through winter.

Jackie's Garden said...

Wow, I never thought of putting in a second planting of peas. Wonder if I could? I'm zone 4 and it gets real cold and real frozen on this mountain side I live on. Keep us posted on whether you get peas over there! I do have a little (6'x8') greenhouse - I should try them in it! Thanks for the idea.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Well... it might not be such a great idea (ie maybe there is a reason others aren't doing this). They held up through the frosts but the few pea pods I had were not sweet at all. Post frost, there are still flowers but new peas don't seem to be forming. Time will tell if anything comes of it. Might be worth trying in the greenhouse, though.