Monday, October 16, 2006

Barn & Garden

Here is some of the sunflower harvest. They were being eaten by the squirrel so I brought them into the barn to dry. Other critters may find them in here, but I'm watching for signs of munching. Foggy garden on Oct. 7th, below. The black barrel is a tumbler composter, otherwise, I compost "in place." The tall grassy row between it and the garden has in it a number of native trees & shrubs that started as bare rooted seedlings. We hope to move them to other places on the property soon. Then this will be a lavender row.The vines on one side of the bean structure are getting thin and it took the Chickadees & Goldfinches very little time to discover the sunflower heads stuck among the vines.
I've been drying flowers and now these leaves in the barn too. These first got a quick rinse before drying and now they are on my table in the house.


Kati said...

I haven't grown sunflowers since I had no harvest because all the seeds were wormy. ugh. any ideas how to prevent that in the future, without nasty chemicals, though?

Petunia's Gardener said...

Kati, no idea besides trying again or maybe try different types. I just grow them for the flowers and for the birds to eat, but I haven't noticed any worms. Now what I'm encountering is mold (we have the perfect climate for it). Even though I brought them into the barn when the heads were dry, several developed mold quite quickly. I think I'll remove the remaining good seeds from the heads. Good luck. Thanks for visiting.