Sunday, August 27, 2006

Too Hot for this Pumpkin

Here is the volunteer mystery pumpkin that just snapped off the vine yesterday while I was doing a little trimming in the pathway. Here is an earlier post about it. I had one like this for decoration last year and I composted it in the garden area. Should I try eating it? It isn't quite the same as Dig For Victory's F1 hybrid but must be a relative (but from the good side or the bad side of the family?). I noticed Maria in the window watching me photograph the pumpkin so I snapped her too. Later, I saw I also caught me, the barn, and the big rosemary on the right as well as a little color from the sunflowers in the garden. A clear, blue sky but about too hot to do anything. This pumpkin knows fall is coming though. Finally, a little orange on the small snackjack pumpkins. The big pumpkin vines are looking very sad & wilted in the last several hot days. No amount of watering right now could make up for a nice soaking rain.


Allotment Lady said...

Put your pumpkin on a sunny windowsill ot ripen and it will be fine. I picking and eating them the size of the small one in your link - just as they are, skin and all (but not the seeds), but now that it is that size it will need to ripen.

You have a nice long stalk so it can last for ages - if you need it too.

I keep mine all winter long - pumpkins are the most amazing 'fruit' - guess what I shall have a go at making?

Allotment Lady - doesn't seem to want me to sign in

Petunia's Gardener said...

Thanks for the tips - it is a little green one like the last picture in the post and I've had it in the window today. Think it is a little more orange already.