Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Good Night, Caterpillar

DH & I trimmed the old pea vines one evening to make room for the new seedlings. Apparently, we disturbed this little guy and he soon had my attention as he climbed up and down the stick pea support several times. Then he investigated several pea branches, but surprised me by not stopping to munch.

I wondered if he knew how closely his color matched the yellowing pea leaves (hmm, I recall wondering about colors before).

After crawling around in a very determined manner, he suddenly did a few moves and positioned himself under two leaves (large picture below).

Still no munching, so I supposed he was just looking for a nice place to tuck in after we disrupted his sleep!

He was not letting anything disturb him at this point. And check out his house slippers!

The last part of the pea vines are still in place and this evening he was tucked in on another stem. I think he is a yellow bear caterpillar that will turn into a moth. I hope no one is going to tell me I'll be sorry for letting him stay.


Sissy said...

Your beautiful caterpillar is a Yellow Bear, which will grow up to be a Virginia Tiger Moth. Your pictures are great!!

Sissy said...
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Blackswamp_Girl said...

What wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing, and I hope your little guy got a good night's (day's?) sleep. :)