Sunday, June 25, 2006

Warm summer evening

Nothing like a fresh garden salad (& steak) dinner on the patio after a hot day. For the salad: broccoli, peas, an assortment of lettuce, mint, thyme and chives, but I forgot the basil tonight. We don't always have such nice evenings in June.

Another hot day tomorrow so I did some watering, as much as I don't like to. The mulch helps, but it's not enough after several hot days, especially for the recent bean, sunflower & pumpkin sprouts. With the heat, the frogs seem to have moved from the pond to the trees but tonight we can hear the owls planning their evening.
Not only is Petunia camera shy, these little Chickadees begging their parents for one more served meal promptly turned around when the camera came out. Finally close enough for a picture of birds (with my little camera), and they moon me!

1 comment:

rachelle said...

cute pic..i love chickadees as my favourite bird frommy minnestoa childhood. i am sad that they are not in the detroit area.